Our pets are family. If anything happens to them, it’s as if we’re being torn in two. We value them and love them like they are our children. Many dog parents will even tell you, “My dog is my child!” When a dog goes missing, it’s an overwhelming experience for both the dog’s family and the pup. His family has no idea what’s happened to him. They wonder: Is he safe? Is he wandering around hungry? Has he been injured? Will he find his way back home? The worries are endless!


Missing pets’ families will search for them, and many will be reunited thanks to kind people who step in and take them to local vets and shelters. Some people will even welcome the dog into their home and care for them until their family can be located. This story and video is about a dog that went missing and his person was terrified. She works at a vet clinic and called every place imaginable to see if her dog had been found. When he wasn’t located, she went home.

As soon as she pulled into her driveway, she received a call and was told to go back to the clinic because her pup had been found. She couldn’t believe it! Her panicked heart finally rested a bit easier. But she knew she had to see her dog firsthand to believe it was real. Once back at the clinic, she paced the floor. The pup arrived and peered into the door. He and his mom locked eyes and knew right away that their days of terror were officially over.


The dog’s mom cries hysterically once her pup leaps into her arms. This reunion is incredible and can’t be missed! Play the video below to witness what pure joy looks like.

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