In Sacramento, a local family has come forward with an extraordinary tale following a surprising event that occurred in the dead of night. Teenagers mysteriously left a starving puppy at their doorstep before swiftly disappearing into the darkness. This story introduces us to a remarkably adorable puppy, merely weeks old, who, despite being severely undernourished, finds himself in the nurturing care of kind individuals. The puppy, with his large brown eyes and white fur covering his face and paws, is now receiving the care it desperately needs.


The homeowner, Nancy Steele, took the puppy in, and named him Charlie. The incident was recorded on their Ring doorbell camera at 1:30 AM, showing three teenagers placing Charlie under a milk crate at the Steele’s doorstep before hastily leaving the scene. It wasn’t until the next morning that the Steele family discovered the puppy.


Nancy recalled the moment they found Charlie under the crate. A veterinarian’s assessment revealed that Charlie was only half the weight a puppy of his age should be, his thick fur concealing the extent of his malnutrition. Nancy pondered over the circumstances that led to Charlie’s condition, wondering if the teenagers had found him like this and thought they were doing the right thing by leaving him at her doorstep. Or if he was their puppy and they could no longer care for him.

Now, Nancy is committed to caring for Charlie, opting not to hand him over to a shelter, believing that he needs dedicated attention and affection at this critical time in his life. She has even gone as far as having a DNA test conducted to determine Charlie’s breed and plans to find him a permanent home once he is healthier and has had more veterinary care.


This story highlights the community’s willingness to step in and provide love and care to those in need, with the Steele family eagerly awaiting to see Charlie thrive before they find him his forever home. To see the full story, scroll down to the video below.

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