World leaders addressing the climate catastrophe should ditch meat, eggs, and dairy. The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP28)—taking place November 30 through December 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates—got a powerful wake-up call from animal advocates.

On the conference’s second day in session, PETA U.K.’s animal defenders urged leaders at the event to go vegan to spare animals and help protect the environment. Police eventually arrested and removed the advocates.

Why COP28 Must Go Vegan

On December 1, a PETA U.K. supporter bodypainted as a black-and-white cow held a provocative sign reading, “Beware the Butchers! They’re Killing the Planet, Us, and You, Too.” At her waist, she wore a “Go Vegan” button. Alongside her was a PETA U.K. advocate dressed as a butcher to cut to the point more clearly. Although police ended up detaining the animal defenders, attendees of the conference couldn’t ignore PETA U.K.’s message.

COP28 previously announced that it would go “mostly vegan,” which is an important step, but world leaders must set an example for everyone else by going all the way. PETA entities have been pushing the COP conference to stop using animals as food for years—for instance, PETA Asia’s “Lettuce Ladies” appeared at COP27. And celebrities urged COP26 to adopt the Plant Based Treaty. The conference could easily go vegan, and many groups along with PETA have called for this shift.

If the event intends to protect the environment, its menu must be completely animal-free.

Unsurprisingly, meat, egg, and dairy promoters are also at COP28 to sow misinformation about the impact of animal-derived foods. The Guardian even published a feature about the animal agriculture industry’s plan “to be on the ground at COP28 in large numbers” along with industry lobbyists. According to some documents, JBS Foods, Global Dairy Platform, and the North American Meat Institute are among those expected to be sending representatives.

Meat Is Murder, and Bovine Mammary Secretions Are for Calves, Not Humans

An animal is not a meal. We must see every living, feeling being as someone and stop exploiting our fellow animals for their flesh and secretions. Mother cows produce milk for their babies to help them grow. Although cow’s milk is most commonly referred to as “dairy,” that term is a misleading euphemism that the industry relies on for marketing and sales.

As future COP events take place, PETA will do everything possible to persuade the conference to go vegan and fully align with its own stated objectives. No truly environmentally conscious meeting would serve flesh, eggs, or bovine mammary secretions.

Take Action for Animals and the Environment

Go vegan, and hold leaders who make climate-related promises accountable. Do your part to help fight the climate catastrophe by making compassionate choices every day.

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